Monday, November 1, 2010

John Deere tractor cake

As I have commented in a couple of posts before I had to make a John Deere Tractor. The time cake a week before Halloween. I planned my cake carefully. I didn't want to leave any windows opened for that dreaded jinx fairy, or the imp.

You would think the armature for that poor Roller Derby Skate I made this summer would be very different from this one well ... no it wasn't. I apparently can learn from past mistakes. Which this time I used a wood board as a platform, then I made my elevation ... this time wider and secure to the board. The rest was well really smooth. All the time being very weary of that dreaded little jinx or any of her friends. The wheels were Rice Crispy Treats, I made a template and cut out several John Deere Logos out of pastillage, left them to dry overnight, prepped the fondant and once I had carved the shape I more or less wanted ... I got to work.

I'm really impressed, stacked filled, carved and covered the cake with minor incidents. Airbrushing is a WONDERFUL technique ... especially when you have to make BLACK tires. Did I mention this cake was to have a smash cake with it? Well they wanted a smash cake in the shape of a tractor tire. Well I did that too. Felt that I let this one run down to the wire, and indeed I did. I had JUST barely finished cleaning up my table when the gentleman that ordered it arrived.

There are many things in this cake that I now think I should of done differently and hopefully I'll get another chance to fiddle with something like this. But for now ... I am pretty proud of the end result.

Now all I need is for the people to return my wood board.

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